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AnCnoc Flaughter 46 %

AnCnoc Flaughter 46%

AnCnoc ‚flaughter‘ (46%, OB, peated, 14.8ppm, 2014) Four stars‘The Flaughter spade is used to remove the top layer of peat which is richer, more rooty and produces more reek.’

Colour: white wine (paler than the rutter). Nose: the peatiness is much bigger, we’re closer to some Islays, although it’s not much of a coastal whisky either. What’s sure is that this is also more mineral, certainly less fruity than the rutter, with a little coal, charcoal ashes and some apple peelings. Also fresh walnuts. Nice very clean nose. Mouth: excellent! I find smoked salmon, lemons, mezcal, cigarette tobacco, smoked almonds, some salt, maybe even oysters. Indeed, there’s something maritime in this baby’s palate. I find this quite complex given its probable young age. Finish: long, quite peaty, ashy, beautifully acrid and kind of sooty…

Comments: I think this one is a great young peater, in the same league as other famous great young peaters starting with L, A, B, T or C (please don’t spend too much time on that). I’m impressed. SGP:455 – 87 points.

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Některé druhy Whisky nebo Rumů mohou být dočasně nedostupné. Popřípadě, již nebudou v nabídce kavárny Cafe Bulldog.

Cafe Bulldog Palenice Whiskey distillery Connemara


Unique among Irish whiskeys, Connemara® is the only Irish Peated Single Malt Whiskey widely available today. Inspired by the 18th century art of drying malting barley over peat fires, Connemara® possesses a distinct peaty flavour and aroma,instilling a delicate smokiness and smooth, sweet taste. Its complex peat flavours and smooth, sweet malt taste make it a truly unique Irish whiskey. Connemara® is a highly decorated Irish whiskey receiving over 20 medals in major spirits competitions since 2012.

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Cafe Bulldog Palenice Whiskey distillery Cardhu


The distillery was set up by John Cumming, who had previously been a whisky smuggler, in 1824. The distillery was sited high up on Mannoch Hill, above the River Spey due to the peat softening the water.

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Cafe Bulldog Pálenice Whiskey distillery BenRiach


Although BenRiach started producing malt whisky back in 1898, the distillery was a victim of unfortunate timing; BenRiach was operational for just two years before the ‘Pattison crash’, in 1900, resulted in a period of hardship for the entire whisky industry, and the resultant closure of many distilleries.

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